funny commercial review


Call of Duty:Black Ops Commercial

Call of Duty is a huge game right now (for those of you who aren’t nerds). This specific one, Black Ops, is the seventh I believe. The theme of this commercial is that there is a soldier in all of us. While most of you are probably questioning how a war game commercial is funny, watch it and you’ll understand. This commercial game out last year but is still one of my favorites. They promote their theme by putting celebrities and regular people in the commercial. All these people, from construction workers to business CEOS including Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel, are shooting guns and in a combat zone. They are all shooting guns from the game like bazookas and m16s and its hilarious. The expressions on their faces of pure joy are so funny. The music is perfect. Everything about this commercial is lol worthy. I give this commercial a 9.5/10.


Dairy Queen Commercial (Hiking/Shaving Bunnies)

Dairy Queen has recently released several new commercials all with the same guy in them. One is a guitar that sounds like a dolphin, another is with bubbles but this one the DQ man rides his bike to a mountain and is hiking. The guy says rediculous stuff like “Dairy Queen doesn’t just have rainbows, it has rainbows on fire!” And similar other things. The commmerical is outragous. The main guy kinda reminds me of a mix between Old Spice Body Wash man and the Dos Equis guy, if they had a baby, this would be him. Any ways the thesis from the commercial is that at Dairy Queen, good just isn’t good enough. So the guy says what “Dairy Queen” has like shaving bunnies, a rainbow on fire, etc. and then says how the blizzard wasn’t good enough so they now offer the mini blizzard. The commerical is funny because its so rediculous. Like shaving bunnies would be pretty cool. I do have a few problems with it though. First off a rainbow on fire would scare me, I would definately assume the end of the world was near. Secondly, the mini-blizzard has nothing to do with a rainbow and bunnies; that connection is pretty stretched. Also, everything is supposed to be “better”, in a country like ours, bigger is better and more is better. When is less better, especially when were talking about icecream. If I’m going to splurge from my diet, I’m going to want a meal of icecream, not a sampler. Either way the commercial is funny and I give it a 6/10

Doritos Commercial (The Sauna)

Doritos is known for having funny commercials. They have launched a series of hilarious commercials over the past several years. This one involves two men in a sauna. The man on the right keeps looking down at the man’s crotch while the man on the left is sleeping. He seems draw to this specific region of the man and the audience doesn’t know why. Eventually the man cannot keep his hands off and reaches down. We then hear the bag crinkling and the man on the left wakes up. The shot pans out and we see that the man on the left had a bag of Doritos between his legs. They then show the man on the left feeding Doritos to the man on the right. The commercial is funny unless you are  tremendously  homophobic. The idea of something being so good that I’ll reach between a strangers legs in order to get a bite is a little exaggerated for me and I don’t know that I’ll ever want to eat something that good but I realize the purpose is to exaggerate the  deliciousness of Doritos. The commercial is funny and effective in promoting its product whiles still being subtle. Overall I rate the commercial a 6/10

Direct TV Commercial (I am Epic Win)

The commercial I am referring to for this review is the second of the two. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about it’s the commercial with the tiny giraffe. This second commercial has the main character (Russian I think) with muscle stimulators on his arms. The commercial makes it pretty clear that he is getting the muscle stimulation from the giant man lifting weights behind him. Throughout the commercial he is promoting Direct TV by telling how he has no limits and neither does Direct TV. The giraffe is just cute and that’s why its funny but other than that I have a couple problems with it. I like that the commercial is subtle and not over the top but it’s almost too subtle and you have to listen to a guy with a thick accent talk about how great Direct TV is. The colors in the commercial are all golden colors. While this is supposed to show that a rich man uses Direct TV, it doesn’t create product awareness as much as I’d like to see. When I think of Direct TV I think of their color blue. That color is never seen in the commercial other than the logo at the end. Also the idea of this great wealth may make people think that the “limitlessness” of Direct TV is only because this man is so rich. Obviously if you have deep pockets you can afford “limitless” television. After that the commercial tries to promote that it is affordable and cheap but we all know that’s its bottom dollar price. Overall I rate the commercial a 5/10 and thats because of the giraffe.

Sun Drop Commercial

Sun Drop or Sundrop is a new Dr. Pepper Snapple Group product that has recently released a commercial promoting this product. I have several friends that love this commercial however initially i was a bit hesitant to like it. I still am not in love with the commercial but after watching it several times I’ve warmed up to it. The commercial shows a girl who drinks Sun drop on a hot summer day. With Snoop singing his song “Drop it like its hot” in the background, she starts dancing through several different scenes: a yoga class, on a canoe, etc. Supposedly this soda (or pop pending on your ties to western PA) makes you beat the heat and just want to dance cause its so refreshing. Even though I am not a huge fan of this commercial, it is pretty funny and many of my friends agree. My girlfriend even paid four dollars for one at the circus just to try it cause she loves the commercials. I guess overall it does its job and makes people curious. I rate the commercial a 7/10

Volkswagen Commercial (Darth Vader Kid)

I’m actually a little upset with myself that I have yet to review this commercial. This commercial was by far (in my opinion) the funniest commercial in the Super Bowl. If you haven’t seen the Darth Vader kid yet, I strongly suggest you youtube it immediately. The commercial shows clips of a kid dressed up as the famous Darth Vader character from the Star Wars movie. I am not a Star Wars buff by any means but you don’t have to be to be familiar with the term “using the force.” For those of you suffering from complete oblivion, “using the force” is causing inanimate objects to move with your mind. The kid is walking around his house trying his hardest to get things to move. Time after time he hangs his head in disappointment. Finally he gets to his parents new Volkswagen and his hands shake trying to muster up all the force he can. The commercial cuts to his father in the kitchen watching his little boy. The dad picks up his keys and pushes a button. It commercial cuts to the kid and the car starts. The kid jumps back in awe. The commercial is promoting Volkswagen’s new Passat that comes with a remote starter system.  The commercial is adorable and you can’t help but to laugh. Everything from the Star Wars music, to the costume, to the shots is perfect in this commercial. I honestly do not think they could’ve done a better job with this commercial but since I only believe a commercial deserves a 10/10 if I feel I must buy the product, I give it a 9.5/10.

Pepsi Max (Love Hurts) Commercial

The Super Bowl is known for it funny commercials. Some watch the commercials just as intently as the game and rightfully so. The extremely expensive commercials are discussed almost as much as the game itself. This Pepsi Max commercial was released for the Super Bowl and it is hilarious. The commercial shows a man (probably husband maybe significant other) who’s wife controls everything he eats. He gets kicked under the table for ordering fries at a restaurant and changes his order, gets his face smashed in a pie when he’s about to eat it, tries to sneak a burger and gets it ripped out of his hands, and then gets caught drinking a Pepsi Max. Expecting the worst he begins to cringe but to his surprise nothing happens. Then his wife starts drinking a Pepsi Max. He then states that it’s got all the taste but none of the calories. The commercial ends after he makes this statement, checks out a female jogger, looks at her and smiles, realizes he messed up, and ducks moments before his wife chucks her can at him and it knocks the jogger out. America is always being told to watch their weight and eat/drink healthy. The Pepsi Max product offers an alternative to soda lovers and is a product that is supposedly “healthy”. The commercial promotes their new product in a great way and is a very funny commercial. Even though I have tried Pepsi Max and disagree that it has all the taste, the commercial is still effective and hilarious. Overall I give it a 9/10